April Meeting of MWASMC


Maryland Writers Association St. Mary’s County Presents Certificate of Appreciation

Maryland Writers Association
St. Mary’s County
Presents Award To Joe Orlando of Fenwick Street Used Books & Music 


Linda A. Stewart, President of Maryland Writers’ Association St. Mary’s County, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Joe Orlando of Fenwick Street Used Books & Music for his support of local writers.  Joe features local writers at author signing events on Leonardtown First Fridays and selected Sundays.  Look for works by our local authors on display at Fenwick Street Used Books & Music.

Critique Session Set for November 25

Join us on November 25 for a critique group session. Bring one to five pages of something you would like critiqued by your fellow writers. And think about some questions you may want the group to answer about your work. For example, you may want to ask if your first line engages the reader? Are there grammar issues? If you would like written feedback, bring several copies of your work to distribute.

If time permits, a write-in will follow the critique session.

November 25 – 6:30-8pm, Lexington Park Library

Please note: All meetings will be at the Lexington Park Library from 6:30-8pm on the last Tuesday of the month. There is no meeting planned for December.


Writer’s Block!? Not me!

Did you miss our September meeting? If so, here’s a recap:

Guest speaker author Alix Moore kicked off our September meeting by asking attendees about their struggles with writer’s block. She then took us on a “field trip to creative flow,” an exercise designed to recreate a moment when we were completely immersed in an activity. By focusing on the positive feelings (emotional, physical, and mental) associated with this immersion, Ms. Moore explained, “The goal is not to get over writer’s block; the goal is to get writing again.”

Ms. Moore went on to explain that when we are feeling blocked, one of the following four places in our lives is not in balance: physical, mental, ego, emotional. An example of a physical block is a cluttered or ugly work space. The solution: Take the time to clean up, organize, and beautify. An example of a mental block is the intrusion of “hamster-wheel mind,” requiring an effort to settle ourselves mentally. An example of an ego block is procrastination, which may require affirmations or physical movement to get us writing again. Finally, emotional blocks can be dissolved simply by honoring the emotions.

After her presentation, Ms. Moore kindly stayed afterwards to answer individual questions. If you were unable to attend and want to learn more, check out http://www.alixmoore.net/.

Poetry and Art at the North End Gallery

Many local poets will have their poems on display at the North End Gallery in Leonardtown during April’s First Friday event on April 4th. Many of the poems were chosen by local artists as inspiration for work that will also be hung during the month of April. Come out on Friday from 5-8 to meet the artists and poets, and to hear readings of many of the poems.

This is a great chance to enjoy the First Friday celebration as well — it might be the first springlike Friday we’ve had!