October Meeting: “Demystifying the Mind”

CaptureJoin us on Wednesday, October 22 from 6:30 – 8pm at the Lexington Park Library for a talk by Julia Bates, Poet and Educator, on “Your Brain and Writing: Demystifying the Mind.”

When we sit down to write, what tools do we place before ourselves?  Favorite pencils, yellow legal pads, a laptop, pens with just the right kind of drag across the line?  And that most mysterious tool, our minds.  When we look at recent research about the brain, most of it new within the past 15 years, what can we learn about practices that would strengthen our use of that more mystical concept of mind?  Are the brain and the mind the same thing?  Do we gain insight into how to approach the experience of writing if we look from both perspectives: the scientific and the literary/traditional/metaphoric?  Do we want to have our concept of mind demystified?  What new habits might we take on as we wrestle with the task of writing?


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