Officer Positions

Local writers, it’s time to elect new chapter officers! The current board positions are up for re-election.

Please look over the descriptions below and get in touch if you have interest in learning more! Don’t forget that holding a board position with your local MWA chapter is an excellent resume boost and a great way to gain experience in an area you like to know more about! (Event planning? Budget management? Social Media Marketing?)

Here are the basic officer descriptions:

President –

The President shall: preside at general, special, and officer meetings; delegate and direct ongoing projects of the chapter; fill by appointment any vacancies in office that may occur (said appointee to serve until the next election) ; serve as ex-officio member on all committees; prepare and give monthly and annual reports to the State Board, to include highlights of the year’s activities, reports from all officers; accomplishments and suggestions for the future; and perform such other duties as are beneficial to the chapter. The President sets the tone and direction for the chapter, promoting the programs and services most likely to help the organization grow and strengthen.

Vice President –

The Vice President shall: preside at meetings in the absence or disability of the President and shall perform all regular duties of the President in such instances; perform such duties as the President or chapter officers shall prescribe; perform as leader/liaison for committees dealing with chapter activities; contribute to monthly and annual reports for presentation to members and the State Board; and assume the office of President in the event of resignation, expulsion, or disability of the President.

Secretary –

The Secretary shall: maintain a record of general, special, and officer meetings of the chapter and distribute the minutes to the State Board for inclusion in Pen In Hand; assist in running chapter meetings, potentially including staffing a sign-in table, providing name tags, and monitoring sign-in sheets, and generating such correspondence as authorized by the chapter officers.

Treasurer –

The Treasurer shall: account for all funds of the chapter; deposit funds in a bank approved by the officers; pay expenses and debts incurred by the chapter, advise the chapter officers on financial decisions and control of expenses, prepare a financial report upon request and submit an annual financial report for presentation to the membership and the State Board.