October’s Meeting – Internet Security for Writers

Please join us TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd at the Lexington Park Library (in the Longfellow room this time, folks!) for our monthly chapter meeting and speaker. We will begin at 6:30pm.

Rebecca Woosley will present to the group, covering key areas to think about when building an online presence. This will be useful not only for authors working to build a platform, but also for anyone who goes online regularly and isn’t quite sure what they might be sharing with the world!

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Woosley has over 10 years of experience with the Department of Defense and has held many positions to include Imagery Analyst, Systems Administrator, and Information Assurance Officer.

Rebecca does not love the technology world, yet finds herself slightly addicted to it. Understanding how to protect your identity, your intellectual property and that of others is important when dealing with most any technology today.

In addition to her day job, Rebecca created and maintains www.NationalWhateverDay.com where Every Day is a Celebration!  Managing National Whatever Day has allowed Rebecca to explore the technology world behind the mask of “Admin” tweaking her online presence over the years.  One of the most important lessons Rebecca has learned is to keep on learning, but give yourself the freedom to not learn everything, as that can be a little overwhelming.


Point of View

If you missed September’s meeting, you missed a good one. There was excellent discussion around the room prior to Wayne Karlin joining us, and while his talk was brief, it was full of useful information.

Through exploration of Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants, Karlin illustrated how much can be conveyed to readers through various points of view. At the end of the discussion, attendees rewrote a few lines from the piece in a point of view different than the one used.

This is an area that writers at all levels struggle with at times, and Karlin’s talk clarified and elucidated the benefits of using various points of view. Write on!